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It’s literally never been more simple to experience fun with groups!

Electric Boat Tour

From a rich historic heritage, sea-blue clear skies and idyllic waves on golden-brown sands to mind-blowing sights of whales floating in mid-air, there is never enough to see on the Newport Harbor.

Local or tourist, come indulge you and your family in any one of our group Duffy boat tours for members of 10 or smaller and create enduring memories on an eclectic ride through breath-taking seaside cliffs and harbour-front saunters. Unlike any of the other tours offered elsewhere, we avail you of the chance to bring your own food and drinks for your pleasure or opt for anyone of our excellent and taste bud-delighting cuisines while you tour the culture-rich Newport Harbor and marvel at the multi-million dollar real-estate and luxury super yachts on display.

You can immerse yourself in the moment by enjoying the exotic scenery of the city and the oceanscape or take a filmic experience of the prospects for your new home while enjoying an intimate space with friends or strangers. This tour is also perfect for a quiet family or romantic lovers getaway.

Our Duffy boat group tour is an excellent opportunity for socializing, networking and building new personal and professional connections. With our soft launch on the horizon, the time to act is now to enjoy an unbeatable bouquet of price packages before the rates climb.

With a captain and tour guide that boasts of first-hand knowledge of the area, our Duffy boat group tours will leave you appreciating the natural beauty on display while you savour the moment by taking pictures, sharing kisses, toasting wines and listening to a fine selection of music aboard.


Make a date with some friends and family

Go to our website and signup

Arrive at the harbour 15 minutes pre-tour and check in

Bring your drinks and foods if you will in moderate amounts.

Remember to come with your camera and mobile devices to create memories

Important notice

Boats leave SHARP at 10am and 12pm. There is no recourse for missed boat tours.

There is no refund or transfers also, so please make sure when you a trip and schedule you can make.